Shadi’s Biography

Shadi means joy and happiness and as the youngest member of the family, Shadi Jamshidi, was the embodiment of happiness and joy. Shadi was born on January 21st, 1988 on a snowy day in Tehran; the first day of the Persian month of Bahman.

Shadi’s mum, Tooran, was a teacher and shadi was fortunate to study at the same school, starting On September 23rd, 1994.  She thrived in her studies and graduated from one of the best high schools following by her acceptance in a top university in Tehran (Polytechnic University) to study Polymer engineering.


Shadi’s brothers, Arash and Payam married on the same year, however the happiness didn’t last long. Shadi’s mother was diagnosed with severe cancer soon after she started with her university.

Shadi and Arash

Shadi and Payam

Despite being the youngest, she was the strongest. She took care of not only her mum to endure her mother’s pain and suffering but also supporting the whole family emotionally along the way. After a year, the anxiety and strain was replaced with sorrow as her mother died at the age of 53.


In 2010, Shadi travelled to Canada to follow her higher education at the University of Calgary’s Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Far from home and family, Shadi worked hard and endured all the difficulties to graduate with distinction in 2012. In 2013, she travelled to Toronto to work for an international chemical company. Arash and his family also moved to Toronto delighted with the family togetherness finally.

Shadi was adventurous, lively, and energetic. loved travelling and being amongst nature was her favourite. Shadi lived in the moment as her motto was “Breathe! The minutes go by and we have a lot to do.” It was always as if she was in a race with time wanting to do as much as possible in the present.

She was an art lover and very keen on all forms of arts and more specifically, enjoyed listening to music, reading books, and going to movies. In 2016, she met Nima (Neyestani) and they moved in together in 2017.

Shadi loved to settle in Canada, especially with the presence of Nima and Arash’s family hoping his dad would join them one day. She loved her family unconditionally and always made an effort to make them happy on different occasions and truly cared about her nieces.

Shadi and Lily

Shadi and Lea

Shadi and Hanna

On January 8th, 2020, Shadi reluctantly left his father worried of the potential war beginning on that dark Wednesday night, not knowing that was the last goodbye and at the same time excited of returning to Nima on his birthday.

Her body was returned shrouded in a white piece of cloth whilst this crime was labelled as a “human error”. Shadi returned to nature and was buried on the hillside in Lavasan’s Cemetery, on a beautiful magical snowy day. Afterall she loved snow and it was as if she would only leave with snow.

Its always hard to forget her who gave others so much to remember. Shadi will be with us forever.